About FinanceFuel

Businesses struggle every day with their cash flow. Meeting payroll, hiring new employees, purchasing equipment all require cash on hand. Instead, cash is tied up in Accounts Receivable for 30, 60, 90 days or even longer. Getting that big client, closing that huge deal, finding creative ways to get a contract over the line are awesome – but struggling financially because you’re waiting for payment is not.

We have experienced many of these problems first hand. Whether it was getting a bridge loan to make payroll or pausing the hiring of new employees, we know what it is like to have cash flow issues.

No company should be affected negatively if they sell on terms or credit. While banks offer various types of business loans and lines of credit, it’s difficult to get approved. Personal guarantees are another big point of contention for business owners. You already invested your time and money, don’t put your house on the line.

So we created FinanceFuel to take away the pain and frustration and accelerate cash flow faster. FinanceFuel provides funding to small and medium sized businesses based on their invoices. The entire process is fast, easy, and all online. We appreciate you checking us out.

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