Case Studies

A variety of success stories from our happy clients.

A fast-growing food & beverage startup based in Colorado.

Their customers include many national food wholesalers.

They are constantly strapped for cash because all their money is tied up in the manufacturing process. They have acquired many similar companies and need the cash to invest in their growth engine.

Annabelle Porter,
Customer Service Officer

A Chicago-based Enterprise SaaS company serving many large municipalities.

Most of their clients pay net 60+ and they don’t want to wait for them to pay. There is a ton of margin in these software deals so it is worth it for them to use FinanceFuel to get their money as fast as possible to pay their bills.

FinanceFuel allows them to grow without having to seek equity financing.

Annabelle Porter,
Customer Service Officer

A top-tier Colorado-based PR agency with seven-figure revenue.

Cashflow was the “bane of their existence” before working with FinanceFuel. Their clients include everyone from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Some customers pay late so they like to use FinanceFuel when payroll is due instead of hassling their customers.

Annabelle Porter,
Customer Service Officer

A life science instrument manufacturer that was founded over 30 years ago and based in Colorado.

They have some large biotech firms on net 120 terms and other customers that are usually late. They were a lifestyle company for decades and now are becoming a growth company and use FinanceFuel to fund their growth.

They are reluctant to take on debt or outside investors after 30 years in business. FinanceFuel allows them to hire more people and enter new markets on their own terms.

An Indiana-based telecom installer that’s been in business for 25+ years.

Their customers include AT&T and Verizon and they often end up waiting months for a job to get invoiced, approved, and paid.

FinanceFuel provides them with operating capital so they can scale their operations and pay payroll without having to wait for their customers to pay.

A fast-growing consumer app startup based in Chicago.

They are bootstrapped and get paid 30-45 days later from Apple.

FinanceFuel enables them to invest more in marketing their app and paying payroll in busy months.

Annabelle Porter,
Customer Service Officer

A Colorado-based consumer goods company founded in 2013.

They have grown quickly and now have customers in 40+ countries. They use FinanceFuel so they don’t have to wait 90 days for payment from large brands like liquor brand conglomerates and hotel chains.

Their CEO told us “money today is better than money tomorrow”. Our new tagline.

A boutique Colorado-based advertising firm.

Their customers include Fortune 500 companies like Proctor & Gamble on net 90+ payment terms. They have smaller invoices so most firms said no, but we are happy to grow with him.

We love watching early-stage companies grow and we couldn’t be happier to support small businesses.

A rapidly growing CBD company based in Colorado.

Their customers include many national food wholesalers. All their cash is tied up in the manufacturing process so they need to get paid as fast as possible.

They also frequently acquire smaller competitors and need cash to finance those transactions.

Annabelle Porter,
Customer Service Officer

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