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FinanceFuel provides funding for your
business based on your invoices.

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The Approach Is Simple

FinanceFuel is an invoice factoring solution. We fund your invoices, providing you immediate cashflow for a small fee. Invoice Factoring has been around for centuries, we’re just putting technology to work to improve the process. We buy invoices of your choosing for a small fee. You get a cash advance immediately, and when your customer pays you get the rest of the payment minus our fee. Cut and dry. It’s not a line of credit or a loan, it won’t show up on your credit report, you’re selling an invoice that we know will be paid. You just get the benefit of having the cash up front.

The Process Is Straightforward

Apply up above and we’ll get you approved fast. No need to collect years of audited financials, just connect us to your accounting software and we can get what we need. We will share a proposal with pricing, which we hope you’ll accept. When we come to an agreement about which invoice to buy and agree to terms, we send you an advance. Then once the invoice is paid, we send you the rest of the cash minus our fee.

What You Can Expect When Working With FinanceFuel

  • Fast Approval Process – Banks & traditional factoring companies can take weeks or months to make a decision. Our data-driven process moves at the speed of business.
  • A Human Touch – Our automated algorithmic process speeds us up, but the key piece is still the human-touch so that we aren’t missing the details in your business or your customers. There’s no replacing a keen eye.
  • Customer Focused – We recognize that your customers are hard-won, and we work with you to enhance the relationship with your customers.
  • Secure – We realize we are talking about your reputation & financials. We take security & confidentiality very seriously.

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